Home Funerals Minnesota

- A One Day Workshop -

Archer House - 212 Division St. S, - Northfield, MN  

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No matter what our beliefs death, our final rite of passage is sacred. It is the moment we cease to be a human being, A Home Funeral allows the family to choose how best to honor their beloved dead.  Caring for the body of our beloved dead, can be a powerful experience. It is now legal in all but eight states to care for one’s own after death. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to create sacred space for ceremony
  • How to move the body
  • How to bathe, dress and prepare for visitation
  • Last Rites
  • How to make bathing and anointing an intimate ritual
  • Body Blessings
  • How to shroud
  • How to preserve the body
  • How to create ambiance in the room
  • How to include children and other family members in the process
  • How to conduct a funeral, or plan a memorial service
  • How to write an obituary
  • How to write a eulogy
  • How to move from funeral to final disposition
  • How to fill out and file paperwork


This is a stand-alone workshop devoted to expanding the Home Funerals module provided in the full Death Midwife Certification Class. It is recommended as continuing education for those students who have already taken the Certification course and who wish to expand their knowledge about home funerals. It is recommended but not required that students of this workshop consider also taking the full program.