Home Funerals - A One Day Intensive

April 6, 2020 (10AM-5PM)

Fairfield Inn & Suites

115A Conz St, Northampton, MA 01060



No matter what our beliefs death, our final rite of passage is sacred. It is the last act we commit as a human being and it is as deserving of as much careful attention and planning as any other rite of passage. A Home Funeral allows the family to choose how best to honor their beloved dead.  Caring for the body of our beloved dead can be a powerful experience. It is now legal in all but eight states to care for one’s own after death. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The laws on caring for your dead, and home funerals in your state.

  • How to partner with the Funeral Industry to allow for a home funeral in your state.

  • How to create sacred space for ceremony

  • How to move the body

  • How to bathe, dress and prepare for visitation

  • Last Rites

  • How to make bathing and anointing an intimate ritual

  • Body Blessings

  • How to shroud

  • How to preserve the body

  • How to create ambiance in the room

  • How to include children and other family members in the process

  • How to conduct a funeral, or plan a memorial service

  • How to move from funeral to final disposition

  • How to fill out and file paperwork