We live in a constant state of death denial; we are obsessed with youth, we warehouse our elderly and we pretend that death will not happen to us. We plan for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, weddings... but we leave our death, our final rite of passage, the last experience we have as human being - to others; to chance. It's as though we think that if we ignore death it will go away.  


You can make a difference. Make an appointment with one of our Midwives to discuss your end of life plans. Sign up for a class, Start the conversation. Join our mailing list. Help lift the taboo on death and dying that has been imposed upon our society by fear based commercialism. Explore your options and embrace the importance of your final rite of passage with as much attention to detail as any other important life event. 

Rates are based on the extent of services requested and range from $60.00 - $100.00 per hour. Please contact us for pricing.

Angie Buchanan, Phone: 224-501-5443 or email: Angie@DeathMidwife.org